About us

Stingray Swimming Club (SSC) is Long Standing Non-Profit Competitive Swimming Club

We seek to provide an opportunity for all swimmers to reach their highest personal potential both as a person and an athlete. We understand that winning is much more than one's place in the finish of a race, and we are committed to helping children grow in character, physical development, and skill.

OUR MOTTO is To Be The Best You Can as Jerry Rice Quote "Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't." The club is dedicated to making your swimming experience the most productive, fun, and interesting experience and we look forward to being part of your family's lives!

Stingray Swimming Club (SSC) began in 1970 by a group of enthusiastic parents' who had gone through hardship in finding right activities which are physically demanding and yet is safe in a control environment for their own kids. They believe kids today needs more physical and character development. As such they decided to set up a non-profit competitive swimming club to help parents who want their kids to develop such skill.

SSC has since grown with more and more swimmers and as of today it has already become a well-established competitive swimming club that produces many state and national swimmers in Selangor.

We specialize in competitive swimming and our programs are designed by our coaches to tune our swimmers to that level. The trainings are divided into three groups, junior, intermediate and high performance group. Swimmers will eventually move up rank when the coaches deem fit.