Stingray Swimming Club (SSC) established since 1970’s, is a non-profit initiated voluntary competitive swimming club run by parents who believe in “Giving Your Child The Best”. We are committed to help children grow in Character, Physical Development, and Skill.

SSC is one of the largest swimming clubs in Malaysia. The goals for SCC swimmers are to build a solid technical foundation and to achieve competitive successes at their highest potentials.That will prepare them to qualify for higher level of Invitational championships and major swimming competitions in Malaysia such as the:

  • President Cup (National Inter Swimming Club Competitions)
  • SAG (Selangor Age Group Competitions)
  • Selangor Short Course Competitions
  • Selangor Long Course Competitions
  • NAG (National Age Group Competitions)
  • Malaysian School Meets (MSSS and MSSM)
  • Malaysian Open
  • MILO / Sport Excel Competitions